Here’s an interesting tidbit from 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s interview with Hugh Hewitt today — go nuclear on the filibuster to get rid of Obamacare!

Now here’s what Sen. Ted Cruz had to say about it in a prior interview with Hewitt:

More on Bush’s revelation from Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur:

“I think we Republicans first need to unify behind the replacement,” he said. “If there’s unity there, we can act. Right now, though, for the last few years we’ve been organized against Obamacare… But there hasn’t been any kind of unity about what the alternative is and that’s what my focus is.”

Hewitt pressed Bush, pointing out that Republicans are unlikely to get 60 Senate to defeat a filibuster if Democrats stick together and block efforts to repeal Obamacare, as they have done for years. “At that point,” Hewitt said, “would you at least be open to making the argument that on this issue, before it gets its tentacles too deep, that we break the filibuster and ram through a repeal and replacement?”

Bush responded that he was open to it.

“I’d have to see—if the repeal is what I’m going to advocate, then I might consider that,” he said, adding that if the replacement includes high-deductible, low-premium catastrophic coverage and helps the middle class, “then I would certainly consider that.”

Interesting, but would a President Bush encourage the Senate to do this?