The alarmists are running out of things to be alarmed about so now they’re writing about how global warming is actually good news? Apparently so:

From the report:

The number of people going to witness the eruption of Old Faithful or gawk at the grandeur of the Grand Canyon could go up along with the steady rise of overall temperatures driven by the buildup of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, a new study finds. But only to a point: Once temperatures reach a certain threshold, park visits could actually decline, the research shows. That could mean fewer park goers in the hot summer months, and perhaps a shift to the milder fall and spring seasons.

“When, where, and how many people visit parks is likely to change as temperatures continue to warm,” study leader Nicholas Fisichelli, an ecologist with the National Park Service’s Climate Change Response Program, said in an email.

So we literally paid researchers to figure out that attendance to the parks goes up when the weather is nice:

The researchers found that air temperature explained more than two-thirds of the changes in attendance numbers from 1979 to 2013. It was an important factor in 95 percent of the 340 parks they looked at, which ranged from Pu‘uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park in Hawaii to the Everglades in Florida to Denali National Park in Alaska.

That wasn’t already settled science?

And get this … with global warming, “pleasant temperatures” will make “peak season” longer!

The peak season is expected to become longer as pleasant temperatures expand to more of the year, and the visits in all seasons should also go up, the study found.

This is also good for the economy, right Mr. President?

More sun = more jobs!


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