Authorities have identified the suspect in last night’s horrific shooting at Emanuel AME Baptist Church in Charleston, a terrorist act which left 9 people dead. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the suspect, Dylann Storm Roof, appears to be a white supremacist.

And, right on cue, Salon is there to impugn the real criminals: white people.

Read it and shake your head:

White right-wing domestic terrorism is one of the greatest threats to public safety and security in post 9/11 United States of America. Such a plain-spoken fact is verboten in mainstream American public discourse.

Once and again, white privilege is the power to be the ultimate individual where one’s actions and behavior rarely if ever reflects on the collective character of white people en masse. By comparison, Black and brown Americans, Muslims, Arabs and the Other more generally are routinely subjected to group punishment and demonization.

White Americans will not have to look in the mirror and ask, “what does it feel like to be a problem.” In the aftermath of recurring mass shooting events, and right-wing domestic terrorism, it is essential that they start to practice such acts of introspection in the interest of the Common Good.

Salon’s idiocy isn’t surprising … but it is pretty disgusting.

Certifiably. But hey, at least Salon’s in good company. These post-racial luminaries are just as eager to blame all white people for Roof’s murderous terrorism:

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