While the media was distracted yesterday by the shiny bauble also known as Donald Trump, real news was being made during a House Oversight hearing on the hack of sensitive information from Office of Personnel Management computer systems.

Thankfully Roll Call put together a video of lowlights from the hearing that show OPM Director Katherine Archuleta getting grilled by members of both parties and providing no real answers as to what happened or who’s to blame. It really does make for good T.V. and we wonder why the cable newsers were more interested in Trump than “cyber Pearl Harbor.”

Anyway, like we said it the title, her performance was infuriating and you’ll probably want to grab a pitchfork and storm the proverbial castle after giving it a view:


Time for Archuleta to get fired? Rep. Jason Chaffetz says “yes”:

And that this happened at all is especially egregious since we were warned:

More bad news. The hack seems to be getting bigger:

Pathetic is right and it’s about time President Obama did something about it.