As we reported, celebrity prosecutor Marilyn Mosby had asked for a gag order in an attempt to keep evidence in the Freddie Gray case out of the press, but was denied after it turned out that she filed the motion in the wrong jurisdiction.

But she’s not done trying keep information of her prosecution of the six Baltimore police officers out of public view. Here’s the latest:

An excerpt:

In a motion filed in Baltimore Circuit Court on Tuesday, Mosby’s office argued such an order is necessary because defense attorneys “have demonstrated a likelihood of publicizing discovery materials in a manner that may jeopardize the ability to conduct a fair and impartial trial.”


“The Court must not allow the discovery in this case to further fuel a defense public-relations firestorm,” the prosecutors wrote. “The evidence must be made public, but its release to the public must be made in a court of law, not in defense efforts to court public favor.”

Oh, but Mosby’s spectacle of a press conference was OK? Or her attendance at the Prince concert? Puh-leeze:




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