Like most of Twitter, conservative radio host Larry Elder was amused by the story of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane NAACP who was “outed” by her parents as a white woman pretending to be black. What struck Elder, though, was the long-standing idea that blacks who are also conservatives aren’t “authentically” black but rather “trying to be white.”

As proof, Elder refers to an open letter he wrote to Ebony magazine in 2013. Each year, he notes, Ebony publishes a list of the 150 “Most Influential Blacks in America” — liberal blacks, that is. Continually overlooked are black conservatives like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas.

Each year, Ebony leaves out conservative, heavyweight black intellectuals like Walter Williams, a distinguished professor of economics and former department chairman at George Mason University. In addition to his 10 books on economics and race relations, Williams writes a popular weekly syndicated column carried in about 200 papers.

Each year, Ebony leaves out Thomas Sowell of Stanford’s Hoover Institution. He has only written some 40 books about economics, politics and race relations. His column appears in more than 300 papers, making him one of the most widely read writers in the English language. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet (“Glengarry Glen Ross”) called Sowell “our greatest contemporary philosopher.”

And each year, Ebony leaves out Clarence Thomas, who is one of only nine sitting Supreme Court justices. You leave him out, as you do Williams and Sowell, because you don’t like their politics.

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