A biography for Rachel Dolezal lists her as “president of NAACP Spokane and teaches courses in art, Africana history and culture at area universities.”

NAACP Spokane President Dolezal has been trending after having been “outed” as non-black by her parents:

Here’s the moment Dolezal was caught just a bit off guard:


A new category of human being was born:


Is this real life?

Take it away, Twitter!

But wait! Celebrity activist Deray McKesson and others chalk it up to “the boldness of whiteness” and “white privilege,” or something:

If this was an example of “white privilege” why was Dolezal pretending to be black in the first place? How was she benefiting from that facade?

Yes, good reminder.

Ha! Bring on the Fauxcahontas comparisons!

Does a political career await Dolezal? Stay tuned!

Editor’s note: Dolezal’s last name was initially misspelled in a few instances in this post. We have corrected the typos and apologize for the error.

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