If you’re not familiar with DeRay Mckesson through his tweets, you can learn just about all you’d ever want to know about the celebrity #BlackLivesMatter protester from a fawning profile in the New York Times Magazine practically dripping with the slobber of writer Jay Caspian Kang, which notes that America has “come to learn the names of the victims — Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Tony Robinson, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray — because the activists have linked their fates together in our minds, despite their separation by many weeks and thousands of miles.”

As we said, you’ll learn just about all you’d want to know, aside from how it is that so many familiar faces manage to show up at every protest, despite their separation by many weeks and thousands of miles. Monday night’s protest in McKinney, Texas, which inspired threats of terrorism despite no shots being fired and no one being killed, was a family reunion of sorts.

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