As the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets continue to hunt for clues into the criminal past of Marco Rubio and the other GOP candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton continues to stymie reporters who might dare ask the grandmother who wants to be president a question. Here’s the latest report from her $2700-per-person fundraiser today in New Haven, Conn. organized by former State Department official Harold Koh:

What’s worse — that Hillary avoids the press or that the press is so easily avoided?

After she wraps up today’s event, she’s off to Connecticut’s “gold coast” tomorrow:

And with many, many more fundraisers on the way, we’ll have many, many more opportunities for the press to beclown itself:

Including one at the home of former Spider-Man Tobey Maguire

It takes big bucks to elect the candidate promising to take the big bucks out of politics.