Has the Left finally been given their great equalizer to ward off accusations of Clinton wrongdoing? In the last 18 years, Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife have received a number of traffic citations:

The New York Times has the story:

A review of records dating back to 1997 shows that the couple had a combined 17 citations: Mr. Rubio with four and his wife with 13. On four separate occasions they agreed to attend remedial driving school after a violation.

Move over, Woodward & Bernstein — Pulitzer incoming for the Times on this one:

Isn’t it though?

But hey, nobody will be able to point to a similar problem when it comes to Hillary:

On the Left, self-awareness takes another holiday:

But enough about the Clintons already!

The lefties might offering a different spin if Rubio belonged to another party:


Meanwhile, in the real world:

One more Rubio misstep and it’s all over:

Take caution, senator!

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