None of the above.

As we reported earlier, the Obama administration’s EPA is about to crack down on airline emissions in order to save the planet from excess carbon emissions that lead to manmade global warming.

OK. But if that’s the case, how in the world can President Obama justify flying in David Attenborough for a 30-minute chat:

Eric Holthaus of Slate writes:

If Barack Obama wants you to fly across the Atlantic to talk about nature for a half-hour, then you do it.

But Obama probably doesn’t want you to do that. He wanted legendary nature documentarian and environmental advocate Sir David Attenborough. According to the Telegraph, Attenborough was flown to the White House from his London home last month for a 30-minute meeting with the president. Apparently, the president is a big nature buff—though the meeting seems like it was a bit odd. Attenborough revealed the meeting at a public event in London on Tuesday.

Wonderful. The President of the United States who claims global warming is a national security risk doesn’t seem to see the hypocrisy of flying in a celebrity for a 30-minute chat on how to reduce carbon emissions to save the planet.

If only there were a technology to make trips like this obsolete…

Oh, well. Maybe next time. But until then, hypocrisy reigns supreme:

Good question!

Flying, as the New York Times calls it, may be the “biggest carbon sin” there is and an online calculator estimates that the carbon emitted on a roundtrip flight from London to D.C. is about 2 metric tonnes of CO2. To put that in perspective, here are some per-capita figures from around the globe. From the Guardian:

Examining CO2 per capita around the world also shows us the gulf between the developed world’s responsibility for climate change and that of the developing world. While Australia is on 20.6 tonnes per person (partly because of its reliance on CO2-intensive coal) and the UK is half that at 9.7 (explained in part by relatively CO2-light gas power stations), India is on a mere 1.2. Poorer African nations such as Kenya are on an order magnitude less again – the average Kenyan has a footprint of just 0.3 tonnes (a figure that’s likely to drop even lower with the country’s surge in wind power).

So, in other words, two Indians can’t emit any carbon whatsoever to make up for President Obama’s 30-minute chat. That’s how President Obama wants to save the planet?



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