It was just yesterday that seven potential GOP presidential candidates gathered at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., to argue their economic policies as part of Gov. Rick Scott’s economic growth summit. Just a day later, the New York Times was reporting on other economic news from the Magic Kingdom: the layoffs of around 250 tech workers back in October, many of whom were kept around for the purpose of training their replacements, immigrants brought in on H-1B visas by an outsourcing firm based in India.

“These visas are at the center of a fierce debate in Congress over whether they complement American workers or displace them,” reports the Times, and “are intended for foreigners with advanced science or computer skills to fill discrete positions when American workers with those skills cannot be found.”

In Disney’s case, those workers could be found easily, sitting at their desks and doing their jobs. And Disney is certainly not the only American company exploiting the H-1B loophole to hire less-expensive workers. For its part, Disney said the layoffs were part of a corporate reorganization “meant to allow technology operations to focus on producing more innovations.”

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