Vox is the site that made its debut promising to specialize in the “explainer” piece, which quickly became known to the folks of Twitter as “Voxsplaining.” And if anything ever needed Voxsplaining, it’s Sen. Bernie Sanders’ recently unearthed 1972 essay on violent rape fantasies. Vox’s Ezra Klein, whose site had successfully covered GOP Sen. Ron Johnson’s issues with “The LEGO Movie,” was at a loss for words.

Fortunately, while most mainstream media outlets were doing their best to wish away the ugliness, writer Dylan Matthews stepped up and offered us this thorough analysis: It’s a real essay Sanders wrote in 1972 for a now-defunct alternative newspaper; and it’s just “one of the many highlights that Mother Jones’s Tim Murphy dug up for an extraordinary profile of Sanders’s early years in Vermont.”

Many readers quickly dismissed the headline as “clickbait.”


Again, we’d love for someone to Voxsplain what would have been written had a Republican presidential candidate written Sanders’ essay.

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