Big geologic news out of the Galapago Islands where the Wolf volcano, dormant for the past 33 years, came back to life this week, belching global-warming causing gasses into the atmosphere with absolutely no concern whatsoever of its carbon footprint:

We should probably ban plate tectonics (or tax them) if Gaia is going to keep acting like a total jerk.

Wolf volcano is also home to the world’s only population of pink iguanas. The lizards, thankfully, are safe for now, but who knows what terrors the Earth has in store for them next?

Interestingly, these iguanas somehow learned to make their home on the safe side of the island. Darwinism in action?

The Galapagos National park said that the lava was flowing in a south-westerly direction.

The iguanas, “which share the habitat with yellow iguanas and giant Chelonoidis becki tortoises, are situated on the north-west flank, which raises hopes that they will not be affected,” it said in a statement.

To the American media, however, toxic gasses and a wall of super-heated rock that could extinguish an entire species is really no big deal when compared to the slow, incremental changes humans will make to the planet over the next 200 years:

Minor? Tell that to the lizards who could find their very existence — literally — go up in smoke.



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