Oh, frabjous day! Princess Chelsea is coming out with a book for kids. Just what America’s been craving!

Nope, not a joke. This is a real thing that is happening:

Chelsea Clinton will publish her first book this fall, joining her parents as a nonfiction author whose name-brand appeal the struggling publishing industry presumably hopes will translate into built-in sales.

Her book, “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going,” is aimed at readers ages 10 to 14, said Penguin Random, which plans to publish it in September.

In a press release, Ms. Clinton said she intended to use the book to “try to explain what I think are some of the biggest challenges facing our world today, particularly for young people” and to “explore some of the solutions to those challenges.”

Oh, and for anyone who was wondering:

Asked, and answered:

Because of course.

The inimitable — and invaluable — Ace of Spades has written a delightful post, to which we highly recommend giving a read:

Here’s a snippet, via National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke:

Is there anything about this book that doesn’t sound thoroughly edutaining?

Why yes, in fact. All of it.

To any kid whose parents buy that book, you have our deepest sympathies.

Right? At least that way, the kids could actually learn something.

Well, we can think of one person …


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