Yesterday afternoon, immediately after the Dane County district attorney in Madison, Wis., announced that no charges would be filed against Officer Matt Kenny in the shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson Jr., an activist group called Young Gifted and Black Coalition — “young Black women, queer folks, straight folks and feminist men who are fighting for Black Liberation” — asked that the United Nations conduct an independent investigation into the shooting.

The group repeated that demand today on Twitter and as part of its “People’s Court,” one of the events making up #BlackOutWednesday in Madison.

The mock trial was held in front of the Dane County Courthouse as a stop along a march through the city, where the group carried preprinted “F**k the Police: Jail Matt Kenny” signs and demanded complete community control of the police.

Protesters also blocked entrances to the Dane County Jail, the site of another demand by Young Gifted and Black: the “immediate release of 350 black people incarcerated due to crimes of poverty.” Why 350? If blacks make up only 6 percent of the county’s population, then “without structural racism, the jail should be only 6 percent black.”

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