George Zimmerman, famously acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin, hasn’t done much to help his reputation since; he was most recently in the news in January when he was arrested on charges of aggravated assault after his girlfriend accused him of throwing a bottle at her during an argument.

So when news broke today that Zimmerman had been involved in a shooting during a road rage incident in Florida, many assumed that he had been the one doing the shooting. As it turns out, Zimmerman was on the receiving end of the gunfire and suffered what is being described as a minor wound to the face.

Many assumed that Zimmerman was the shooter, though. CNN’s David Daniel, for example, very quickly deleted a tweet accusing Zimmerman of “exercising his 2nd amendment rights again” and posted an apology.

Apologies for jumping the gun, so to speak, are likely to be rare. Unnecessarily vague tweets like these from WESH-TV and from the Associated Press aren’t helping Zimmerman’s case.

Harsh? Those are some of the nice comments.

At least we can count on CNN for an objective recap of events, right?

Sigh. “White Hispanic Injured in Shooting” just doesn’t carry much gravity.