As we reported earlier, problems have surfaced in the case brought by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby against six Baltimore police officers for their alleged roles in the death of Freddie Gray, with the biggest one being that the knife found on Gray at the time of his arrest might have been illegal in the City of Baltimore after all.

And with this new information comes fresh criticism, including this just posted Baltimore Sun op-ed by former prosecutor Page Croyder, a 21-year veteran of the Baltimore state’s attorneys office, who thinks Mosby is “undermining the cause of justice”:


And here is Ms. Croyder’s harsh conclusion:

And she has created a new expectation in the city: that police officers who arrest without what she considers to be probable cause (a subjective standard) are subject not just to civil action (the current norm) but criminal action. Mere mistakes, or judgments exercised under duress, can land them in the pokey.

If I were a Baltimore police officer, I’d be looking for another job immediately. And as a Baltimore citizen, I may start looking for someplace else to live. When the police cannot depend upon the state’s attorney to be as thorough, competent, non-political and fair with them as she is supposed to be with all citizens, none of us will be safe.

To be continued…



Freddie Gray’s knife did ‘violate a Baltimore code’? Problems surface in Marilyn Mosby’s case against 6 officers