As Twitchy reported, May Day brought out the usual suspects — vegans, open-borders anarchists, and anti-capitalists — in Chicago. New York City attracted a similar crowd, although one group arranged a 5 p.m. march specifically to demand the disarming of the New York Police Department.

The event page for the march on Facebook reads, in part:

For all those accustomed to living under the boot of the police, for all those who understand that survival is at stake, and because there is no other option, it is time to go on the offense.

This May Day, we look at the historic events that brought us here and we see that we are still faced with the same enemy. We can’t appeal to the humanity of the court system; we fear for our lives in the street. We must take away the one implement that allows them kill with such impunity, with such rapidity, and such callousness: their guns.

This May Day we call for the unconditional surrender of arms by the NYPD and police departments nationwide.

As Twitchy reported recently, the Disarm NYPD “collective” wants not only to force police to surrender their weapons, but also drive law enforcement out of neighborhoods and then help the residents form conflict-resolution bodies that would make police obsolete. So, who’s in?