Mugshots of all six police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray have been released, at last putting human faces to the people whose alleged brutality led to the riots which shook the foundations of Baltimore and inspired marches of solidarity in cities across the country.

Surprising many was that three of the six officers, including the only one charged with murder, are black. To mention race or not to mention race?

While Joan Walsh, author of “What’s the Matter with White People?” and Salon editor-at-large, might have scolded the Right for seizing on the fact that three of the officers are black, blogger Sooper Mexican noted that Judd Legum, editor of the liberal Talking Points Memo, might urge Fox News to #stayclassy but has demonstrated his own habit of counting colors when it suits the narrative.

As long as the Left isn’t talking about race, we’ll pretend we didn’t see this either.

Echoing Walsh’s sentiment to a degree is Ferrari Sheppard, who eventually gave up in frustration trying to explain to the “cackling idiots” of Twitter that the mug shots “tell a complex tale of white supremacy.”

Deray Mckesson, a mainstay of the Ferguson, Mo., protests who last night shared a photo of a Baltimore curfew pass (which one follower renamed “slave freedom travel papers”), tweeted this photo — and as Roots drummer Questlove made clear, “thug” is clearly racist code.

Though thug is allowed, it seems Mckesson isn’t a fan of the words “allegedly” or “are accused of” or “are charged with.”

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French, also a mainstay of the Ferguson protests, explained that the root of the problem is systems of racism, presumably in which non-racist people are caught up.

No worries; it didn’t.

Here’s a closing thought.