Are you one of those haters who thinks Hillary’s been less than open with the media? Yeah? Well, the joke’s on you, suckers! Because by National Journal’s count, she’s answered seven questions from the media. Seven whole questions!

From National Journal:

When the press corps comically sprinted across an Iowa lawn in pursuit of Hillary Clinton‘s van, they weren’t just hoping to catch a glimpse of the most-likely Democratic presidential nominee. They were hoping to ask Clinton questions, and—in the dream scenario—get an answer.

Those answers, however, have been few and far between. Despite being bombarded with press questions at every chance, Clinton has only personally answered seven inquiries since formally launching her campaign April 12. Instead, she has spoken directly to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, taking their questions in small-scale events.

After carefully choosing those voters and confiscating their cell phones, of course.

Yeah, she really made them count:

That’s great. Really.

Or indicted, perhaps.

Along with all the questions the media haven’t even bothered to ask.

That’d be one very long list.