Last week, feminists at Georgetown melted down over a visit by AEI resident scholar Christina H. Sommers claiming she makes them feel “unsafe” and demanded the talk carry a “trigger warning.”

But don’t think for a second that it’s just Georgetown that’s a problem.

Yesterday Ms. Sommers appeared at the very liberal Oberlin college in Ohio and was met by some of the same nonsense. Check it out:

Spelling is probably anti-feminist, too:

This morning, Ms. Sommers tweeted some low-lights from the event:

Telling students to use Google is probably misogyny, too.

But this type of behavior from Oberlin feminists is nothing new, as Oberlin grad Michelle Malkin reminds us:

And we’ll leave it with this. The special snowflakes of Oberlin can rest easy now that the big, bad conservative has left campus and prepare for a speaker that won’t challenge their worldview at all:

Oh, barf.



‘The new infantilization of college students’: Students demand Christina H. Sommers appearances come with ‘trigger warnings’