Hillary Clinton tweeted out a new video this morning featuring a one Mike Yowell, a much quoted gay rights activist in Iowa who was on hand at an Iowa diner yesterday and thanked Clinton for coming out in favor of the Supreme Court ruling in favor gay marriage. Check it out:

But Mr. Yowell is far from an “everday American” who just happened to be at this diner at the right time. From Omaha.com:

Patrons at Main Street Cafe here Thursday got something extra with their breakfast plate.

It was a chance to meet Hillary Clinton, the presumptive front-runner to be the Democratic nominee for president.

“She greeted my patrons and talked with them,” said owner Diane Bauer. “She was very sociable.”

“It was nice to talk to her,” added Mike Yowell. “She was very personable.”

Clinton, who stayed at the SpringHill Suites Marriott near the Mid-America Center on Wednesday night, visited patrons at the downtown eatery for more than an hour before leaving at about 10 a.m. Bauer got a call in advance from Clinton’s staff about her visit, but it wasn’t announced to news media.

Besides greeting patrons, Clinton spent time at a table with various area leaders, including Yowell, president of the Council Bluffs Community Alliance.

It sounds like he was invited to the event, right? Hillary wants to meet “everyday Americans,” yet she wants to pick the ones she meets. Can’t leave anything to chance!

Oh, and remember that report saying Clinton wasn’t going to Iowa to film ads?

Clinton is not filming ads during her road trip, the aide said, adding that the trip will allow Clinton to reap the political benefits of small, spontaneous events without a large crowd or media contingent.

Yeah. Except for the “ad” she just filmed with Mr. Yowell.



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