Hillary loves herself some Real Americans! Provided they don’t wanna get too real, that is:

More from Business Insider:

Clinton started the final day of her first campaign trail trip on Thursday by having coffee with a group of five local leaders in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Business Insider spoke with most of the attendees, and they explained the high level of secrecy that surrounded the event one of them dubbed “the thrill of a lifetime.” There were warnings about leaks, drives to undisclosed locations, and a campaign staffer who confiscated the guests’ cellphones ahead of the sitdown.

The people who had coffee with Clinton had to sign the release forms because the event was filmed for a video the Clinton campaign released on Friday. However, everyone who spoke to Business Insider said they weren’t able to get take their own pictures of the meeting because [Iowa operative Troy] Price asked to take their phones before the encounter.

Gee, and she always struck us as so friendly!

Is that really so much to ask?



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