As the country that President Obama just last year cited as an anti-terror “success story” continues to implode, some U.S. citizens in Yemen have been able to make their way out:

American citizens escaping Yemen, including small children and some frail elderly, are arriving exhausted in Djibouti after harrowing journeys from the besieged country, where a U.S.-supported Saudi Arabian bombing campaign is entering its fourth week, the U.S. ambassador to the small Horn of Africa country told McClatchy on Thursday.

Calling the flight from Yemen “a tough experience” for many of the evacuees, the U.S. envoy, Tom Kelly, said hundreds of Americans have arrived in Djibouti in recent days aboard foreign ships and aircraft after journeys that for some included hundreds of miles of dangerous land travel from Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, to the ports of Hodeidah and Aden.

The Obama administration has for now ruled out taking any government-coordinated actions to expedite the evacuation of remaining U.S. citizens. They’re on their own:

The Obama administration has already tried asking the rebels to please stop fomenting instability, but that failed to have an impact (go figure).

Those odds aren’t looking so long.


As you can see, some of the information the U.S. government is providing for people trapped in Yemen doesn’t exactly contain a lot of helpful details:



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