Earlier today, the president of the University of Michigan admitted that it was a mistake for the school to cancel a screening of “American Sniper” because the film made some students feel “unsafe.” The university did end up screening the film, albeit in “a separate forum that provides an appropriate space for dialogue and reflection.”

Don’t believe for a minute that the designation of campus “safe spaces” is going to silence students who consider campus events and speakers objectionable. Christina H. Sommers, author of “Who Stole Feminism?” and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, is appearing as a guest of the Georgetown University College Republicans Thursday night, and some students are worried that her appearance should be accompanied by a “trigger warning.”

As Sommers argues in a YouTube video, “gender activists” who cry “trigger warning” need to be called out for demeaning women and harming those with PTSD.

She also notes a disturbing trend in which students who used to actively protest speakers whose views they oppose now approach school administrators claiming that they feel “unsafe.”

Speaking of so-called safe spaces, look where Sommers is scheduled to speak next week.

Got that? “If your open dialogue doesn’t leave room for my anger, it’s actually a pretty closed dialogue.”