We’re well aware that the race for the White House in 2016 is just beginning to heat up, but bear with us for a moment while we check in on the election results at the University of Oregon, where Helena Schlegel of the UO Forward campaign was just named president of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon.

Why should we care? As Reason.com editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie observed, this election was plagued by some interesting peculiarities.

Kaylee Tornay covered the election for the Daily Emerald as well as a couple of controversies that arose, resulting in the filing of official grievances. Elle Mallon of the Ducks F.I.R.S.T. campaign filed her first grievance against the We Are Oregon campaign “for holding its kickoff event in a building with no gender-inclusive bathrooms.”

Two days later, Mallon accused We Are Oregon campaign manager Taylor Allison of sexual harassment — “because she referred to Mallon as ‘Ms.’ when Mallon identifies with the use of ‘Mx.'”

Despite an email apology from Allison, Mallon filed a second grievance saying Allison chose to misgender her. Mallon explained that her pronouns include not only mx but also xe, xem, and hyr.

The Constitution Court concluded, “Sexual harassment is a very great evil, but the record supports the conclusion that only a single unintentional gender-based microagression [sic] occurred.”