And just like that, the wheels on the campaign bus van are coming off:

From Politico:

Clinton asked top aides whether a road trip was feasible about a month ago, one of her staffers said. Instead of a motorcade, she is traveling in a three-car caravan, the smallest possible arrangement given the former first lady’s security constraints.

“We know at some point she’ll get OJ’ed like the White Bronco,” said one campaign aide, anticipating a highly-watched drive. “But it’s worth the risk … If she gets mobbed or we have a circus-type scene, that’s one day in an 18-month campaign, and we can deal with it.”

Clinton is not filming ads during her road trip, the aide said, adding that the trip will allow Clinton reap the political benefits of small, spontaneous events without a large crowd or media contingent. Even the launch video was filmed in-house, under the eye of digital strategist Teddy Goff, to avoid leaks.



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