Bingo! What sparked the latest persecution complex from a hack? Well, since it is a day ending in “y,” a lapdog journo had to expose his or her true, and biased, colors. Enter this Guardian opinion writer:

Um. Not so fast, toots. As Twitchy reported, yet another false media narrative was attempted in regard to GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul. Media attempted to create a kerfuffle by falsely claiming Sen. Paul stormed out of an interview with The Guardian. Except, you know, THIS is what happened:

Oops! Nice work, lapdoggies. As actor Rob Lowe recently pointed out, a hashtag for some media outlets should be #NeverLetTheFactsRuinAGoodStory.

Corrected, yet no apology, natch. Because it’s totally not her fault anyway, guys. Y’all are just meany pants and stuff. Especially men.

Giggling madly.

Ding, ding, ding!

But no. Accountability is for suckas, apparently.


Pathetic, ma’am.


Yep. But instead, she bravely ran away.

Ridiculous. And telling.

What was the oh-so-offensive tweet? Oh, just some truth:

We guess the truth, like Rand Paul, is oh-so-scary to media.

The snit fit was bad enough. But Ms. Krueger’s next announcement truly moved into the beyond parody arena:

Perfect. Match.


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