The New York Times has been called out for pushing blatant lies about requirements for attendees at the NRA convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The bogus report said that the NRA required all guns brought to the convention to be non-operational. The Times didn’t mention that the requirement was only for guns displayed on the convention floor, and that properly permitted citizens can carry firearms in the Music City Center, but not in Bridgestone Arena. In other words, all requirements are based on local laws.

On the Rachel Maddow blog at, the same lies were repeated (the anti-gun crowd has said it’s “ironic” that the NRA wants operational guns in schools but not at their own convention). The post (not written by Maddow) was then followed by three “updates” which basically said “nothing you’ve read above is true.”

Instead of saying their report was bogus, the Maddow Blog claimed their initial story was “incomplete.” Those three updates have now been combined into one big “correction/update.”

Those calling the NRA leadership hypocrites for obeying local laws are missing the point, as usual.