No, what’s really depressing is Eric Boehlert of Media Matters and his Quixotic quest to find a double-standard in the way the media covers Hillary Clinton vs. anyone else. Next up is Rand Paul and Boehlert’s complaint that not enough reporters are calling the 2016 presidential candidate “emotional”:

Well this question took about 30 seconds of searching on Twitter to get an answer. Yes, Eric — Megyn Kelly did:

Ha! We look forward to Boehlert’s future tweet where he gives her a little credit.


Even though Kelly did exactly what Boehlert wanted, Media Matters didn’t see it that way. Here’s their take on the Kelly-Paul interview:

This sentiment was echoed by The Hill, too:

Did they not watch the entire interview? Here’s the transcript from The Hill of what they and Media Matters thinks is somehow a defense of Rand Paul:

“Chuck Todd came out and said you had to be careful because you attacked two prominent female interviewers. The Guardian said you were condescending to female reporters,” Kelly said. “I, as a female reporter, would say to Chuck Todd and The Guardian, we don’t need your help. Savannah Guthrie doesn’t need your help. Kelly Evans doesn’t need your help, and you are entitled to push back on the interviewer just as much as you would if you are a man.”

“These male commentators can butt out,” Kelly added. “We can give as good as we get. … To me, it’s ironic that these people trying to step in and protect these female interviewers are themselves being sexist, while they’re suggesting that you were being sexist because you didn’t kowtow and you weren’t polite enough to a female interviewer.”

Got that? Kelly spends a couple minutes asking really tough questions of Paul about his behavior, yet this somehow gets spun as a defense because she doesn’t think she (or any other female reporter) needs a male reporter to stick up for her?

What hacks. But if liberals don’t believe our take, how about Salon’s?

Or from Talking Points Memo?

Or Raw Story?

It’s almost as if Media Matters and The Hill are intentionally misreporting what went down.

You can watch the video for yourself here. The discussion of Paul’s behavior starts around the 5:20 mark, the exact quote of “Did you get overly emotional?” at 7:38.



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