What today really needs is one more reporter writing about his or her vision of social justice at the expense of the actual news story at hand. Thankfully there’s Entertainment Weekly to come through with its coverage of the newest batch of Hugo Award nominees. The Hugo Awards, which recognize outstanding accomplishment in science fiction and fantasy, last August went largely to women and people of color.

Entertainment Weekly was therefore appalled to learn of a coordinated effort by groups going by the names “Sad Puppies” and “Rabid Puppies” to “nominate only white males for the science fiction book awards” this year. The original headline, “Hugo Award nominations fall victim to misogynistic, racist voting campaign,” soon became “Hugo Awards voting campaign sparks controversy,” however.

In the wake of the now debunked Rolling Stone gang rape “scandal,” one can’t be too careful. A third version of the headline now has “Correction” appended, as well as a correction in the text:


CORRECTION: After misinterpreting reports in other news publications, EW published an unfair and inaccurate depiction of the Sad Puppies voting slate, which does, in fact, include many women and writers of color. As Sad Puppies’ Brad Torgerson explained to EW, the slate includes both women and non-caucasian writers, including Rajnar Vajra, Larry Correia, Annie Bellet, Kary English, Toni Weisskopf, Ann Sowards, Megan Gray, Sheila Gilbert, Jennifer Brozek, Cedar Sanderson, and Amanda Green.

EW regrets the error.

Editor’s note: The post has been updated with additional tweets.

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