Sadly, yes. That is just the tip of the sicko iceberg. What is bringing the vicious lib hate now? As Twitchy readers know, Blaze contributor Lawrence B. Jones III and Dana Loesch launched a GoFundMe campaign for Memories Pizza after the Christian-owned establishment had to close its doors due to threats from the tolerance brigade. The campaign has brought in an incredible amount in donations. Take a look at how the fight for religious freedom was doing today:

Amen! The number was over $200,000.00 earlier today and keeps climbing.

And then this happened:

Wow, indeed. Can you feel the love and tolerance?

His family. Let that sink in a minute.

Sickening. A veiled threat to his mother.

No, it can’t.

Bingo. But apparently they do not have any shreds of tolerance nor decency. And it needs to be exposed.

Keep exposing yourself, twisted sickos.

Ding, ding, ding!

And an exit warning for the twisted sickos:

As they should be. We stand with you, sir.


#MemoriesPizza closes due to threats from Tolerance Brigade; GoFundMe campaign takes off

‘Take that fascist freaks’: GoFundMe for Memories Pizza surpasses $100,000 in donations; Update: Now over $200,000