What’s he doing about it? Not a whole lot of anything.

As Twitchy reported, Christian-owned Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, is taking a social media beating over its stance on the state’s recently passed RFRA law. The restaurant’s owner said in an interview yesterday that Memories would not cater a gay wedding; however, customers would never be denied service based on their sexual orientation or religion.

Nevertheless, the Progressive Tolerance Brigade is hell-bent on destroying the restaurant. One soldier of outrage is Jess Dooley, a coach at an Elkhart, Indiana, high school. Here’s a screenshot of what she tweeted earlier today:

Pretty disturbing, right? That tweet reportedly got Dooley suspended from coaching (Dooley has also suspended her Twitter account). But here’s how ABC 57 “news director” Aaron Ramey characterized Dooley’s call to violence:

Editor’s note: The above tweet has been deleted.

“Mean”? With all due respect, Mr. News Director, Dooley’s tweet goes far beyond “mean.”




Not April Fools’ Day: Indiana RFRA fight ratchets up after Christian pizza maker refuses to cater gay weddings