The suspect in the shooting of Police officer John Moynihan has been identified as 41-year-old Angelo West of the Hyde Park section of Boston:

West has been arrested before:

From the Boston Globe in 2001:

Thirteen years after Boston police officer Sherman Griffiths was killed in a controversial drug raid, his brother William, also a Boston officer, dodged a bullet yesterday morning as he and a state trooper desperately struggled to take a gun away from a drug suspect.

As all three men wrestled, they crashed to the pavement at Charles and Stuart streets.

“And then seconds later, we hear a gun shot,” Griffiths said at police headquaters yesterday afternoon, “and all I see is the gun right here, right next to my head and right next to the trooper’s head.

“I don’t know if it was shot towards the trooper or me, but that was the end result.”

Through several long minutes Griffiths and Trooper Kevin Murray battled to disarm Angelo West, 27, who had his finger on the trigger as the gun waved in front of both officers.

Griffiths had his gun drawn and could have shot West.

“He said: `Shoot me. I don’t care,’ “ the officer recalled. “He said that numerous times. But I did it another way. We subdued him another way.”


Officer Moynihan is still listed in critical condition and reportedly in a medically induced coma:

Our prayers are with Officer Moynihan, his family and the rest of the Boston’s police force. Blue lives matter.




These reactions to the shooting of a Boston police officer will make you puke #RoxburyShooting

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