Is there nothing that won’t outrage students today?

Here’s the latest — a billboard advertising a kitchen remodeling company with the tagline, “your wife wants me“:

Teakwood Builders, the company behind the billboard, issued this statement on the controversy to the local ABC affiliate:

“Thank you for the message regarding the report on our billboard in Newtonville. A vast majority of Teakwood’s clients are women. Frequently they are the decision makers about major expenditures. This billboard – and the entire “Your wife wants me” campaign is good-natured, tongue in cheek fun meant to appeal to women who have a sense of humor, a sense of history and healthy self-esteem.

We applaud the students involved in the protest for their excitement about their cause.

And we thank them for drawing attention to the gorgeous Teakwood kitchen on the billboard.”

Exactly! Do these student know how much free publicity they just gave to this allegedly sexist company?


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