Hardcore feminists are the best kind of feminists. Because they take themselves so damn seriously!

As Twitchy reported, some of the participants in Britain’s National Union of Students conference on womyn’s issues today are feeling pretty persecuted. See, all the clapping that was going on was making them anxious, so they’ve requested jazz hands instead.

Naturally, people with intact senses of humor are mocking them mercilessly for it. And, just as naturally, these feminists can’t take it. Wonder if that’s what drove this conference attendee to the “self-care room”:

Sarah Gilborn tweet

It’s like she wants to be mocked.

Of course she deleted it. But not before it was too late:

Hmmm … good question! And speaking of micro-aggressions:

Oh, Sarah. For shame!

Hey, good idea! We hear nuns aren’t big on clapping, either.



Epic mocking in progress of feminist group’s call to replace clapping with ‘jazz hands’ to prevent ‘anxiety’