It is pretty entertaining.

Now that Ted Cruz has officially tossed his hat into the 2016 ring, ThinkProgress has got their work cut out for them. And they’re not wasting any time:

Let’s allow them to elaborate, shall we?

When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced his candidacy for president on Monday, he may have forgotten an extremely important electoral group: women.

In an [sic] post-election analysis released earlier this month, the Republican National Committee wrote, “We successfully fought back against the War on Women narrative in places like Colorado, and the results of our efforts are clear. In 2012, the GOP had a 12-point deficit with women voters, and in 2014 our deficit was down to only four points. We now have to keep building on this progress and talking to women about the issues that matter most to them. ”

But rather than “building on this progress,” Cruz outlined several policy proposals that might make Republican appeals to women an even bigger uphill battle. On nearly each major policy point Cruz supported a side that isn’t popular with women.

Ergo, Ted Cruz hates teh wimmenz!!!111!

ThinkProgress really hasn’t mastered that whole “think” thing, have they?

They’re neck and neck!



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