Add National Review’s Jonah Goldberg to the list of conservatives miffed at Scott Walker for not standing up to Iowa Republicans over the hiring of digital media strategist Liz Mair:

An excerpt:

I am no fan of the Iowa caucuses. I like Iowa. I’ve been there many times. But the caucuses have turned into something like a permanent subsidy for the political class of Iowa. What is supposed to be a democratic test of candidates in “real America” often morphs into a playground for savvy political consultants who’ve mastered a single skill: helping out-of-state politicians navigate their way around Iowa’s political landscape.  As a result, the vast and bipartisan network of politicians, consultants and activists unite to guard their food bowl. And that’s fine, or at least understandable. But they act as if there’s something in the Bible or the Constitution that says Iowa must go first. The Iowa caucuses’ first-in-the-nation status is second only to the government moonshine subsidy for ethanol (indeed, if the caucus didn’t exist, ethanol subsidies might not either). When I hear Iowa politicians talk about the sanctity of their front-runner status it sounds no different to me than listening to corrupt teacher union bosses talking about the sanctity of tenure; it’s just another interest group pretending that there is a great principle behind their own narrow self-interest.

And so I was very, very, disappointed in the Walker team for the decision to capitulate to the bullying efforts of the Iowa state GOP. The back story: The Walker team hired Liz Mair to run the campaign’s online operations. Back in January Mair had said some things that hurt the feelings of the Iowa GOP.

Goldberg also agreed to what we posted earlier this morning from Red State’s Erick Erickson questioning if Gov. Walker is ready for “prime time”:

This strikes me as exactly right. Walker talks a big game about standing up to labor unions and the left — and rightly so. His record as governor is nothing short of heroic. He even suggested that his record of standing up to the left at home suggests the kind of leadership he’d show in the fight against ISIS. He phrased it poorly, but the point he was trying to make was that he can’t be intimidated.

And many agreed with Goldberg and his view on the Iowa caucuses:

If only the Iowa GOP had a digital media strategist to push back against these online attacks…



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