The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart has a new piece out on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson that he called the “hardest piece I’ve ever had to write.

Hard because he basically admits that everything he’s been saying about Brown’s death was wrong and based on the lie that Michael Brown was surrendering and had his hands up when he was shot by officer Darren Wilson:

Welcome to the truth-party, pal. Although Capehart’s admission was a little late as he blocked many on Twitter for saying exactly the same thing he’s now admitting is true. Some examples:

People aligned with the whole “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative are less than pleased with Capehart’s sudden onset of truthiness:

But is Capehart’s admission enough? Not really, as this point isn’t being talked about enough:

Exactly. It’s one thing for Capehart to admit he was wrong, but there’s no acknowledgment of the damage his rhetoric did to Ferguson and the entire country. Nor is there any discussion on what Capehart and the other lefty talking heads will do differently next time to prevent a similar rush-to-judgement from dividing the country.



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