The Washington Examiner’s Byron York is paraphrasing an article published in The Hill today, which describes the looming budget battle in Congress over funding for NASA. The argument doesn’t so much concern the overall budget for NASA but how the money is allocated inside the agency.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who leads the Senate subcommittee on Space, told his fellow senators that “too much of NASA’s focus has been driven by the political agenda of politicians in Washington rather than the core mission of focusing on space exploration.”

Democrat Sen. Gary Peters, however, argued that Congress “should seek a set of complementary initiatives that will pay returns to our civilization for centuries to come.” The earth sciences budget focuses in large part on development of “a slew of satellites for monitoring the planet” — and presumably keeping tabs on the planet’s “fever.”

That’s right! In 2010, NASA chief Charlie Bolden said President Obama told him he wanted NASA to inspire children to study science and math, expand international relationships, and reach out to the Muslim world to help them “feel good” about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering.

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