CNN reports today that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign is close to signing a lease on a campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, N.Y.

In all the excitement (you felt it too?), most readers seem to have skimmed right past the most interesting tidbit. Clinton is all for equal pay and a living wage for all, but in order for her to break through that final glass ceiling to make that happen, she’s going to need some supporters to offer up their spare bedrooms to younger campaign staff.

Former RNC online communications director Liz Mair happened to catch that little catch.

No biggie. These staffers are young, ambitious and anxious to have the work experience to add to their résumés. As they gain real-life skills and assume more responsibilities, they’ll be able to command higher salaries. Or they could take entry-level jobs at fast food joints and then immediately go on strike for a $15 an hour starting wage.

No, it’s easy! Just ask any Democrat politician.