Get a load of the latest from hacktastic CNN/ABC contributor Donna Brazile:


Let’s deconstruct this tweet, shall we?

First of all, these aren’t all of her emails and Brazile knows this. These are emails Hillary’s staff selected and delivered to the State Department. Or, in other words, Brazile is applying her partisan filter to Hillary’s call to release the emails to spin it for Dems:

Brazile omits from her partisan take this pesky fact about Hillary’s scandal as well:

Exactly. The whole point of the rules governing emails is to make it easier for the media to cover our politicians! Hillary’s past actions with a private server and the delay this has caused in answering FOIA requests from the press is the problem that should anger Brazile.

And secondly, Brazile’s assertion that the media has some sort of conservative bias that’s unfair to Hillary is comical:




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