Vox’s Max Fisher wants us to know that as bad as Hillary’s email scandal looks now, “it was even worse at the time” she took office in 2009 because of … wait for it … Bush!!!!!

From Vox:

But this story looks even worse if you transport yourself back to early 2009, when Clinton first became of Secretary of State and, according to this story, initially refused to use a governmental account. The Bush administration had just left office weeks earlier under the shadow of, among other things, a major ongoing scandal concerning officials who used personal email addresses to conduct business, and thus avoid scrutiny.

The scandal began in June 2007, as part of a Congressional oversight committee investigation into allegations that the White House had fired US Attorneys for political reasons. The oversight committee asked for Bush administration officials to turn over relevant emails, but it turned out the administration had conducted millions of emails’ worth of business on private email addresses, the archives of which had been deleted.

On the plus side, it’s nice that Vox did at least acknowledge Hillary has an issue here and that Dems are being hypocritical if they don’t hit her as hard as they went after Bush, but Fisher’s piece could have been tougher:

And this really is a question that needs to be asked … preferably through a DOJ investigation into criminal wrongdoing:

Exactly. How does the administration allow this to happen?

Heh. Clintons gotta be Clintons.



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