As with so many other things, when it comes to finding ways to pad the government’s pockets, President Obama prefers to skip over that whole Congress thing. Just ask Josh Earnest! According to him, forcing corporations to pay more in taxes through executive action is an option the president would like to keep on his table:

Here’s the video (discussion starts around 1:06:55):


Reporter: “Bernie Sanders … has suggested that the White House could raise as much as $100 billion through using executive action to close corporate loopholes. If your plans kind of run into resistance with Republicans on Capitol Hill, is that an idea that you guys would embrace?”

Earnest: “Well, for any executive actions along those lines, I’d refer you to the Treasury Department, but the president has certainly not indicated any reticence about using his executive authority to try to advance an agenda that benefits middle-class Americans … The president has asked his team to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goals. So I’m not in a position to talk about this in any detail at this point, but the president’s very interested in this avenue, generally.”

Oh, we know he’s interested.

Oh, goody.