It was a bit disorienting this morning when Twitchy gave well-deserved kudos to Ana Marie Cox for immediately correcting her piece on Scott Walker and campus rape reporting as soon as it was debunked. Cox issued tweets announcing the error and explained that she deleted her original tweets not to disguise the error but rather to keep others from retweeting them out of context with no correction attached, further spreading the lie.

The Daily Beast, which also published its own story based on Jezebel’s faulty hit job, has since fully retracted its piece and issued a correction and apology. So what’s this over here? It’s the good folks at NARAL, still riding the false Jezebel piece and headline (“Scott Walker wants colleges to stop reporting sexual assaults”) a full 24 hours later with this tweet.

Good thing NARAL’s followers can recognize a lie when they see it.

We went ahead and corrected that typo for you: “The last lie is especially vile.”