And here we go again:

So, how many visits is this now?

Close enough. Rudy Giuliani was fact-checked by the Washington Post in December after he said Sharpton had been to the White House “80, 85 times” and they found that the actual number of Sharpton visits could be higher:

Giuliani picked the high end of the range from 60 to 85 visits that Sharpton made to the White House. It is correct that the figure Giuliani cites fits within the reported range. When accounted for duplicates and cancellations, Sharpton made 72 recorded official visits since 2009. And since the White House visitor logs are not an accurate picture of all meetings held there, the number may be even higher than 72. But, as we have shown, the actual recorded meetings with White House staff, as opposed to ceremonial occasions, accounts for less than 50 percent of the total.

The Post also wrote back in December that Sharpton was “on a payment plan to clear his back taxes by February 2015.” How’s that going we — and many others on Twitter — wonder?

As the Washington Post and other fact-checkers are so eager to fact-check stuff, how about they find out if Sharpton is doing what he promised?



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