We’re a nation of laws, but it’s ok to break them.

At an MSNBC town hall in Miami, President Obama delivered a pitch for his executive amnesty for illegal aliens pandered to Latino voters by openly negating the fact that we are a nation of laws.

We’re going to crack down on illegal immigration “at the border” but once you cross it, it’s all good, here’s your driver’s license and voter registration card.

We’re going to deport felons unless they have relatives. 

And, we’re going to selectively enforce the law for certain people, so it’s not really a law, per se.

We are a nation of laws, BUT we’re respecting the fact that nobody likes paying taxes so we’re not going to do that anymore.

Hey, this could catch on.

We are a nation of laws, BUT we’re also respecting the fact that our neighbor is a jerkface so we’re going to set his car on fire and shave his cat.

There is now apparently.

We are a nation of loose guidelines.

We are a nation of laws, BUT we have a President who only obeys CERTAIN ones.



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