President Obama heads to Miami later this afternoon for a “town hall’ event at Florida International University in an effort to further sell his executive amnesty immigration scheme to voters, but…

…how exactly would a Floridian who wants to participate in this “town hall” at a public university do so?

That’s right — they can’t. Because MSNBC and Telemundo are in charge of the José Díaz-Balart moderated event.

From today’s Miami Herald:

Though billed as a “town hall,” tickets for Wednesday’s private event were distributed by organizers and not made publicly available. Telemundo and MSNBC rented the public Graham Center facility at FIU’s main campus for about $39,000, according to a copy of the contract.

So, who does MSNBC and Telemundo want to hear from if not from members of the public?
Illegal immigrants, that’s who:

The president is expected to take questions Wednesday directly from undocumented immigrants at the taping of an event at Florida International University that will later air nationally on Miami-based Telemundo and sister network MSNBC. He will also likely address the Homeland Security Department budget, which is pending in Congress amid a political fight over funding Obama’s executive immigration actions. A Friday deadline looms.

As MSNBC and Telemundo are running the show, is there any chance at all that the questions directed at the president have any legitimacy?

Stay tuned for updates.



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