As Twitchy reported, twisted supporters of Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, the man suspected of attacks at a cafe and a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark that left two dead, turned the site where he was shot by police into a makeshift memorial. Fortunately, whether out of shame or prudence, the memorial was dismantled by Muslims.

Today was the funeral for the alleged shooter, and police told the BBC that between 600 and 700 attended. DR reports (as translated by Google):

Several hundred people — many of them young men dressed in big down jackets and with their faces covered — on Friday afternoon in light rain collected at a grave at the Muslim cemetery in Brondby.

Up to half of the attendees, who were all men, had masked their faces with jackets or scarves. More directed their index fingers toward the sky, while others beat their chests with a clenched fist. Most were silent.

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